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A Great Breed of Horse

A great breed of horse!

This article is about a perfect combination of a horse’s best qualities which are good healthy skilled with athletic ability, intelligence, a settled temperament and a willing disposition.

If you then mix in some eye-catching color you have the best ingredients for one of the most best breeds in the world which is the American Paint Horse.

Mix him with an American Quarter Horse or any other different color Paint Horse, and the results will just be fantastic! I can tell you this from many years of experience breeding my Quarter Horse and Paint mares professionally, to my Black and White Tabiano Stallion named Rocky Music .

But remember when you breed a Paint Horse it won’t be known by any other breed registration other than the American Paint Horse Association and the American Quarter Horse Association.

And when it comes to the temperament I can tell you from raising my stud horse Rocky Music that nobody knew he was a stud because he was just a big angelic baby. Take a look at my website for a picture of myself and Rocky.

One great thing about having a qualified American Paint Horse in your life is that if he does something really striking there’s a possibility that the new Hall of Fame will provide recognition to him as they do to outstanding people and horses that have made grand contributions to the association.

The Paint Horse breed and the Equine industry, APHA, recognizes that it is only through the incredible contributions of both people and horses that the association and Paint Horse Breed has achieved its present stature and therefore honors both of them in the Hall of Fame.

The initial induction of Hall of Fame members will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the association and occur at the 2012 annual convention.


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